The Aesthetics I come from

As I write this I am thousands of kilometers and one ocean away from where I was born and lived for twenty seven years.

The eldest of eight children, my father was the son of a homemaker and a thousand-trades. My father began working in a national hospital as an assistant, while studying accounting at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University, a university commonly attended by the working class and by provincial migrants. He graduated from being an accountant in the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega and started to teach in the same place but the pay was low. In the hospital where he worked he learned that he could assimilate into the police and obtain a secure salary every end of the month. The police pays little but it always pays. 
He decided to assimilate to the police forces as an accountant and worked in an office. A few times I heard jokes from other police that "the only thing he has ever pointed is a stapler". The job gave my parents the chance to access to the living project for the police forces known as Viviendas Policiales or Vipol. They bought their own home and came to live to a far zone in the outskirts of Lima, some five minutes passing the airport. They ended living in the very end of this new urbanization that had been the farming fields of a hacienda. A fact to which it was attributed the fact that there was "almitas que penaban" or "dear souls that suffered". A few friends told how in their house they had seen ghosts who looked like enslaved people and that they felt that the reason why they couldn't rest was because they had been made to suffer while alive. Known as haunting ghosts, where I grew up the emphasis was not on the fact that one is haunted or scared by ghosts but on a feeling of compassion for those little souls that are in anguish, or in "pena". 
Seeing how my urbanization was full of thick layers of dry dust when I was a child, it was difficult to imagine that there had ever been fields in that place. 

After sixteen years of living in Vipol, my father left his family upon learning my mother was pregnant with me, their fifth daughter. He had begun a few years earlier a new family of which he had three children who were born close to the time I was born. He was made to retire from the police force and form then on he worked helping people presenting documents and yearly balances.


Growing up I always loved to read and my access to academic knowledge occurred through popular encyclopedic collections. The Mexican encyclopedias "Jackson" and "Tesoro de la Juventud" and from Spain the encyclopedia "Combi" and the encyclopedic dictionary "Espasa Calpe". The encyclopedias were scientific and historic oriented and the only arts featured were ancient arts, specifically from Greece. When we were 15, our school art teacher introduced to us the work of impressionists and post-impressionists from a school book from Juan Villacorta Paredes and those works echoed something in me. I remembered drawing particularly Chaim Soutine "Still Life with Herrings".