The Aesthetics I come from

La calle de mi barrio. 

As I write this I am thousands of kilometers and one ocean away from where I was born and lived for twenty seven years. I grew up in a living project in the then outskirts of Lima, some five minutes passing the airport. In the margins of a new urbanization that used to be the farming fields of a hacienda. This was part of the explanation given to the visitas that people received in their homes and of the almitas que penan or "little(dear) souls that suffered". A few friends have stories about how in their house they had seen ghosts who looked like enslaved people and that they felt that the reason why they couldn't rest was because they had been made to suffer while alive. Known commonly in English as haunting ghosts, where I grew up the emphasis was not on the fact that one is 'haunted or scared by ghosts' but on a feeling of compassion for those almitas or 'little souls' that are in sorrow, or in "pena". Seeing how my urbanization was full of thick layers of dry dust when I was a child, it was difficult to imagine that there had ever been farming fields in that place. 

La Panaderia 

Current frontis of the school were I attended kindergarten, primary and aecondary school.

Renovated entrance door to my school with a water tank in the background.

Adjacent street to my school.
The pink house where marcianos de fruta were sold.