Autohistorias Between the Interstices

A common feminist tale says that the history of feminism began in the north of the world. That the first wave feminism occurred in Europe and in Euro-America. And so did the second wave. The third wave came with queer, third world, racialized excolonized women and corrected previous voids and erasures. Feminism is then like a sea, that bathes the world in waves, one wave, another wave. Each wave is another layer of progress for women and for the world, and adds to the history of those first northern waves.

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Another tale assumes that 'Woman' is a category made of iden-ti-fi-a-ble ana-to-mical bodies across the world, and that gender is a set of social dynamics. Not the continuous spectrum that was reconstituted and racialized through colonial relations of power.

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Another historic tale says: art - as we know it - was invented in Europe, following a marmor-white line that traces it back to Greece. The Greece of the white statues that were in reality of many colors. Art as a neutral description for Occidental European art to which now inclusions are added but whose origins remain untouched.

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A performative lecture that is a weaving of desires and a crossing of experiences, on feminist artistic and curatorial actions. In collaboration with Verena Melgarejo Weinandt. Part of Unsettling Feminist Curating: Feminist and Queer feminist curating praxis in exhibitions and museums in migration society.