Making meaning in more than human worlds

Making meaning in more than human worlds, 2020 (6 min).

In a dream, a toad appeared surfacing on a very dark night illuminated by an intense moon. The toad emerged filling almost entirely the river pond and stayed there quietly. Without speaking, the toad said that danger was coming and that "she" needed to be protected. When I dreamt about this it made sense with the ongoing conversation about climate change and what is happening to the planet. After the Amazon fires I realized that that was what the toad might have been warning about. I wanted to do a work that spoke of the toad's political call to activate ourselves.
Produced in collaboration with plant-neighbors and animals that appeared in dreams bringing specific messages. With plants that took care of me and that I took care of. With beings that were present while I was sewing this work. With the support of loved ones. Several ideas are threaded with the reflections of racialized, gender-dissident thinkers, contributions of the south, scientific findings and the teachings of a myriad of earth-beings.