Geographies of Selves / Roots in the Dark

Geographies of Selves / Roots in the Dark, 2019.  

A work on the plurality of the self where I evoke the insights of the spiritual relationships that are present in my lived experience through my Amazonian-Andean roots. Drawing, which also means to bring close, is a device to ground my individual and collective history. I carefully weave strokes to trace the paths of the roots that keep me up. My reference to roots is a nod to the radix and the radical, but it also relates to my interest to explore the underground. The underground connoted as a place of the unknown. Drawing like an x-ray revealing a reality underlying beyond what is apparent. I trace rivers of meaning to navigate the multidimensional perspectives of my biography. Unfolding and overturning constructions of life based on domination, and recovering a plurality of histories is one of the ways art can contribute to undoing colonial visions.

Installation with sound, offering, and drawings of colored pencil and chalk. 
1. Embrace of the Amaru (Detail). 50 x 70 cm.
2. Khipu: Tying Woven Strands To Remember Everything We’ve Ever Lived. 50 x 70 cm.
3. Cosmovision Linked By The Identical Pace Of Our Livingness. 50 x 70 cm.

Thanks to my Coleus blumei, Georg Oberlechner, Gin Müller, Tomash Schoiswohl, and Jean Pierre Cueto.