Intervention to Columbus in Vienna

Anticolonial Intervention by the Trenza Collective, 2018

On the date of the 'discovery of America', TRENZA intervened a Columbus statue in front of the Vienna Business School. This statue is one of the several places, companies and products (from columbusplatz, to the beer Stiegl-Columbus 1492) that commemorate the processes of exploitation and death of colonized peoples and racialized communities. In their multiplied repetition, these spaces reaffirm and sustain the structures at present -where racism towards migrants running from the sequels of inequality is used as a scare facade by many political parties across Europe.
TRENZA is a feminist collective marked by a Latin American migratory experience where several of us are active since 2014. The collective is a braiding of different marginalized knowledges, ideas, desires, and needs; a space for crossing memories where we reflect about the structures that affect us. This with the aim to heal by be-coming together.

Photos: Verena Melgarejo Weinandt, TRENZA.