Intervention to Columbus in Vienna

Anticolonial Intervention by the Trenza Collective

Last October 12th, the date of the 'discovery of America', TRENZA intervened a Columbus statue in front of the Vienna Business School. This statue is one of the several places, companies and products (from columbusplatz, to the beer Stiegl-Columbus 1492) that commemorate the processes of invasion, persecution, exploitation and death of colonized peoples and racialized communities. In their multiplied repetition, these spaces reaffirm and sustain the colonial racist structure at present -where racism towards migrants running from the sequels of European discovery and its exploitative aftermath, is used as a scare facade by parties whose main interest is to protect big capital.

TRENZA is an anticolonial collective marked by a Latin American migratory experience where several of us are active since 2014. The collective is a trenzamiento/ a braiding of different migrant and marginalized knowledges, ideas, desires, and needs; a space for crossing memories where we reflect about the structures that affect us with the aim to deconstruct the impact of colonialism in our lives, and to heal by be-coming together.

Photos: Verena Melgarejo Weinandt, TRENZA.