Imayna Caceres (b. Callao, Peru) is an artist, writer, researcher, who is interested in the makings of communities in more than human worlds, through practices of joy and regeneration for a good life. Leaning towards art as a communal and collective process, her art based research takes place through ritual and relational practices, projects in public space, video, and digital and analogical drawing. She works with forms of knowledge different to Western knowledge, inquiring for the paths art could open in our need to confront the current multiple crises. She engages in her work, her experience with modes of being in the world she is related to in Peru and Austria (particularly growing up in urban areas of the dessertic central coast, inheriting practices from the oriental tropical Andes and daily interactions in the Nordbahnhofgelände in Vienna to the beings which inhabit these areas). 
In previous projects, she has worked with the reverberations of the work of Gloria Anzaldúa, decolonial strategies and anticolonial fantasies in the etnographic museum and in the art academy, and critical perspectives on colonialism and migration.

MA. in Fine Arts, MA. in Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaft in the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and a graduate of Sociology from the PUCP University of Peru and of Communications Sciences from the University of Lima.  Her latest works Underground Blossomings (2020), Geography of Selves/ Roots in the Dark (2019) and Condor, Puma, Serpiente (2018) are in dialogue with the collective curatorial projects: The Ritual (2018), Back/s Together: Gloria Anzaldúa, her drawings, our connection to her (2018), A Look Back Into the Museum (2016), Trenza at a Columbus Statue in Vienna (2017), Decolonial Borderlands (2017), Anti*colonial Fantasies/ Decolonial Strategies (2016), and Who is Afraid of The Museum? (2015). She is part of Antikoloniale Interventionen in Wien, as well a of the Trenza collective. 

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