The negation of the indigenous in us

The idea is approaching the soul of the mestiza actually existing in their space / time as a schizophrenic being, divided and bipolar, unable to create a nation of their own or to inhabit an own territory. This diagnosis is vital and lays the foundation for the mestizo double-bind as a creative power, rather than deepen the binarism and thus the colonial disjunction that prevents us from being ourselves. –Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui.

Sandra Monterroso says "For those who recognize their ancestral roots -like me- and their heritage of indigenous grandmothers and grandfathers, and are criticized and questioned with "Why do you want to be indigenous?" The answer is: You can be in a decolonization process that does not deny your being indigenous but neither your being mestizo, far from a binary and / or the denial of one or the other, but through the acceptance of both."

I see this questioning of those who seek to dialogue with their indigenous parts, and are ridiculized or look down upon, and I have to think on how the acceptance, embrace and dialogue with the european parts is not look down upon, and on the contrary is the expectation, it is the norm. And this is missing. Until all parts in us are not properly recognized we will always feel incomplete.