Rebellions of the enslaved in the Americas

Gaspar Yanga was an enslaved African who became a liberator and freedom fighter leading one of the most successful slave rebellions in 1570, in which is now Veracruz, Mexico. He is featured in the last episode of Heroes Of Color, a project by Dominican animator and educator David Heredia who seeks to "celebrate the courage, perseverance and intellect of people of color” through entertaining and educational video series for everyone. The series will focus on a diverse group of heroes including Black, Native American, Latino and Filipino people, among others. 
While 1570 is an early date, Yanga’s story was not the first recorded liberation attempt by enslaved people in the Americas. It nevertheless recorded as the first to be recognized by the colonial authorities in Mexico, who imported enslaved labor for the production of sugar cane throughout the colonial period. 
More about Gaspar Yanga and free settlements in the colonial Americas in the book Black Marxism: