Kant about Peru

Immanuel Kant about Peruvians: "the Peruvians are simple people since they put everything that is handed to them into their mouths". What an irony it is that Kant writes about faraway lands without having traveled, just putting in his mouth whatever other travelers handed to him -as it is elaborately argued by Eze in his critique of Kant's sources.
"Die Peruaner sind in der Art einfältig, daß sie alles, was ihnen dargeboten
wird, in den Mund stecken, weil sie nicht im Stande sind einzusehen, wie sie eine zweckmäßigere Anwendung davon machen könnten." 
Quote read at The Color of Reason: The Idea of "Race" in Kant's Anthropology by Emmanuel Chukwudi Eze in Postcolonial African Philosophy: http://bit.ly/1R7QZBu