On Christiancentrism

In this high christian date  I have to think of all my Arab friends in Europe who are made to witness how the West stops to celebrate Christmas in an atheistic, secularistic, capitalistic, massive way, in the name  of love and their loved ones, of family, peace, goodness, warmly around good food and in some cases still a dissected piece of nature.

I have to think of the Christian-centric perspective of the world, where our entire culture, the names we give to ourselves, the places we inhabit, and the things that matter to us, are all populated by christian imagery. And yet, it is muslims who are seen as having a religion who is too enmeshed to all spheres of life, and not having secularly differentiate their daily life from their spiritual beliefs. How can one explain to all the Marcus, John, Christian, etc, the absurdity of their surprise when people from muslim cultures name themselves Mohammed?

I have to think of the racist work at play that implies having a light skinned Jesus, and the lack of interest on why there is no initiatives to accurately depict him as the middle eastern man he was, and on why in their absence we are not demanding them. Secularity is the history that is told to speak of higher progress of thought where the regulation of life is distanced from irrational belief. In all truth, everything in our christian societies is strongly marked by religion.

The histories of our cultures are deeply embedded in the cosmovision and myths of christianism. It is our responsibility to reflect amidst a rise on Arab antagonism how this high christian date is at the core of the normalization of Christianity by making it coterminous with everything that is good about humanity: peace, love, harmony, family, and thus setting it apart, serving as the background against which Islamism and/or Arabs are compared.


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