Short Stories on Europe

The migratory control system of the European Union is characterized for the increasing number of deaths under the supervision of the Member States, the collection of evidence that at least 20,000 people have died on the borders of the EU, people who are being locked up in detention centers without having committed any crime, and a considerable number of security companies that are benefiting from this criminalization, companies whose research projects are being funded through the Council of Europe with the taxes of EU citizens and non-EU citizens alike.
The involvement of different parts of society, including the art world, such as architects that use their artistic and creative energy to validate supposed improvements of the circumstances of detention. The media with their production of fear against the figure of the refugee, the passive social consensus that allows this to happen in the name of the protection of the welfare state. The persecution of refugees who activate themselves politically and who see their survival solidarity to other refugees turned into criminalization. And the people who advocate for these measures in the name of saving the European lifestyle and values.