Imayna Caceres is an artist, writer and curator from Peru, whose work focuses on the making of meaning in community, Andean/Amazonian heritages and practices of regeneration, joy and kinship towards social justice. Living in Vienna since 2008, she is a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with a background on Sociology and is part of the TRENZA collective, a group of women with ties to Latin America. Her latest works Geography of Selves/ Roots in the Dark (2019) and Condor, Puma, Serpiente (2018) are in dialogue with her curatorial projects: The Ritual (2018), Back/s Together: Gloria Anzaldúa, her drawings, our connection to her (2018), A Look Back Into the Museum (2016) all with Verena Melgarejo Weinandt, Intervention of a Columbus Statue in Vienna (2017) with TRENZA, Decolonial Borderlands (2017) with Sophie Utikal, Anti*colonial Fantasies/ Decolonial Strategies (2016) which was also published as book, with Sunanda Mesquita and Sophie Utikal,  and Who is Afraid of The Museum? (2015) with Verena Melgarejo Weinandt, Marissa Lôbo and Pêdra Costa.

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Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien
Art and Cultural Sciences
Finishing work with Prof. Ruth Sonderegger

Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien
Class of Postconceptual Art Practices, Prof. Marina Grzinic.
Main work with advise of Prof. Gin Müller

Universitat de Barcelona, Facultad de Belles Arts
Erasmus Exchange, Department of Visual Arts, Prof. Tjaša Kancler

Universidad PUCP Lima, Facultad de Sociología
Graduated with a focus on Sociology of Culture

Universidad de Lima, Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicación
Graduated with a focus on Communication for Social Transformation, Journalism, Design.


2018 'The Ritual' curated exhibition in print format for Parabol Magazine. Curated with Verena Melgarejo Weinandt. In connection to Rotor Center for Contemporary Art Graz. Magazine

2018 '(Towards a critique of) Aesthetics as a byproduct of colonial capitalism'. herr*krit workshop, Kassel University. With Ruth Sonderegger.

2018 'Go Back To Where You Came From' Performance with Sophie Utikal. Fluc, Vienna

2018 Back/s Together: Gloria Anzaldúa, her drawings, our connections to her. VBKÖ, Vienna. Curated with Verena Melgarejo Weinandt.

2017 Book 'Anticolonial Fantasies, Decolonial Strategies.' With Sunanda Mesquita and Sophie Utikal.

2017 Decolonial Borderlands / Reflecting colonialism in the Art Academy.
Rundgang of the Akademie of Fine Arts Vienna. Curated with Sophie Utikal.

2017 Anticolonial Autohistorias. Performance with Verena Melgarejo Weinandt. Bildende, Vienna

2016 Anti*colonial Fantasies, Decolonial Strategies at Friday Exit, Vienna

2016  A Look Back Into The Museum. Lecture performance, Exhibit, Vienna

2015  'Territory' Exhibition at Blutengasse 9 off-space. Vienna

2015 Who is Afraid Of The Museum? / We Har Angst Vor Dem Museum?
Intervention at the Weltmuseum, part of Wienwoche Festival.
Curated with Verena Melgarejo Weinandt, Pêdra Costa and Marissa Lôbo.

2014   Zona Intrusa 7 Artistic educational project in Mataró, Barcelona

2014   Bildpunkt 'Exitstrategien'. Künstlerische Positionen/ Bildstrecke: Katherine Ball, Katarzyna Winiecka und Imayna Caceres mit Refugee Protest Vienna

2014   Trenza Collective, an interweaving of desires, ideas, needs and experiences marked by a Latinamerican migratory experience

2013   Wahlwexel jetzt. Voting action for non-citizens in Vienna.

2013   Utopia of Alliances, Conditions of Impossibilities and the Vocabulary of Decoloniality.
Book publication with several other artists and critics.

2013 Your comfort is my silence. Performance and art a(u)ction for third country students.
With Marissa Lôbo, Joanna Wilk, Verena Melgarejo Weinandt and Miriam Raggam.
With the support of the pcap class.

2013   Where do you come from? Collaboration with Verena Melgarejo

2012   Bleibeführer_in Wien Guide for refugees and asylum seekers who stay to live in Vienna

2012   Intervention, please! Database of problematic history-politics sites in public space. Work group History-Politics, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna

2012   Aus mit länder. 'Foreigners/Off with countries' music workshops in the Festival Soho in Ottakring

2012   Was ist dein story? Festival Soho in Ottakring

2012 The art a(u)ction as destruction of structural discriminations by AAAAR Artists and Activists A(u)ction Against Racism. Performance and art a(u)ction for third country students. A predecessor of the current auction of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Initiated with Joanna Wilk, Miriam Raggam and Ekoj. Organized also with Seraina Renz.
With the support of the pcap class.

2012   Kunst-Theorie-Aktivismus. Strategische Verbindungen für antidiskriminatorische Praxen: Lecture with the Darker Side of the Academy, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2011   The darker side of the academy. Intervention, installation, workshop, tour. Work group The Darker Side of The Academy.

2011 Work group History-Politics (Plattform Geschichtspolitik), an open collective of students, activists and teachers associated with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna reflecting and publicly dealing with the Academy’s participation in Colonialism, (Austro-)Fascism and Nazism.

2011 ‘Community’ Installation for DIS PLAY at Reumannplatz, Vienna

2011   Center and Periphery, as part of City Fest Wochen, Hohermarkt Square

2011   Monument to the Provision of a Research Fund. Workshop with the Platform Geschichtspolitik

2011   Telenovela: disintegrating migration. Work group Telenovela. In collaboration with Maiz, Foro Interkulturalität y Migrawood.

2010   Wien Bildlich, City Festwochen. Permanent installation. Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna

2010   Unconditional Admittance. Audio-performance at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2010   Painted Mural for the E. Stiftung, Vienna

2009   Invaded spaces: Smik. Exhibition at Walking Chair Gallery, Vienna