Eating Europe

Imposed as a definitive sign of bestiality, the tales of anthropofagia and cannibalism played an essential role in the dehumanization of the peoples of the 'new world'. The danger of being devoured became a classic imagery of the dangers the colonial explorers could encounter. Appropriating this discourse and extrapolating it to the contemporary fear of migration, Maiz and its sub-celebrities with the collaboration of the Refugee Protestcamp Vienna and Rebelodrom, set up Eating Europe, a men-eating procession and demo that makes all the fears finally come true.

2013   Eating Europe: Meschenfressende Prozession Demo
Maiz, Refugee Protestcamp Vienna and Rebelodrom

Dear Austrians! We will devour all your biomeat and your bioland! live and bloodily ! We the cannibals, will eat all the integration fondue pot with a baguette so that your laws of foreigners get stuck in your throat! / Queridos austriacos! Nos tragaremos todas sus biocarnes y biotierras en vivo y sangrientamente! Nosotros los caníbales, nos comeremos toda la olla de fondue de integración con un baguette para que sus leyes de extranjería se les queden atragantadas en la garganta!