2013   Wahlwexel jetzt
Voting action for non-citizens

2013   Eating Europe: Meschenfressende Prozession Demo
Maiz, Refugee Protestcamp Vienna and Rebelodrom
Technical production

2013   Re-Emphasis
Transnational Refugee Forum and Political Posters Installation
Technical production

2013   AIDS/HIV als (andere) Form der Gouvernementalität
Posters by Belinda Kazeem. Technical production

2013   Where do you come from?
Collaboration with Verena Melgarejo

2013   Your comfort is my silence
Performance and art action for third country students

2012   Bleibeführer_in Wien
Guide for refugees and asylum seekers who stay to live in Vienna

2012   Manifesta 9 plaster
Intervention in Genk, place of the Manifesta biennal

2012   Aus mit länder
'Foreigners/Off with countries' music workshops in the Festival Soho in Ottakring

2012   Was ist dein story?
Festival Soho in Ottakring

2012   The art auction as destruction of structural discriminations
Performance and action

2011   The darker side of the academy
Intervention, installation, workshop, tour
Work group The Darker Side of The Academy

2011   Intervention, please!
Database of problematic history-politics sites in public space
Work group Plattform Geschichtspolitik

2011   Für Alle in DIS PLAY Reumannplatz
Installation in Reumannplatz on the idea of community

2011   Center and periphery
Within the City Fest Wochen a group of artists are called to work on the issue of center and periphery as an intervention in the Hohermarkt Square. I focused on the issue of migration by creating two mural illustrations while simultaneously inscribing in the walls small handwritten texts that could be readable only by passersby.

2011   Telenovela: disintegrating migration
Work group Telenovela
In collaboration with Maiz, Foro Interkulturalität y Migrawood

2010   For the abolition of entry exams
Manifesto and audio-performance at the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna