Refugee Protest Vienna

Graphic work collaboration and icon vocabulary with the organized movement of the Refugee Protest Vienna, and along Katarzyna Winiecka, and Katrine Ball. The 28 December of 2012 the refugees who had marched all the way from the Traiskirchen detention center and had occupied the Sigmund Freud park for over a month, were evicted by the government and all their tents and belongings were destroyed. In the frame of Wienwoche, the Re-emphasis project (initiated by Katarzyna Winiecka and Kin Chui) took over a billboard to bring the story of the refugee movement in Vienna in the same place it had started: the Sigmund Freud park. The billboard displays a vocabulary of icons made to denounce and demand, as well as a poem that having been created by the refugees, told the story of their struggle. Re-emphasis also organized a transnational forum for refugee activists from Europe to network closer together, to exchange knowledge and bring their concerns to broader parts of the Austrian public.

Visual Vocabulary for Refugee Protest Vienna

Orange: Dangers refugees face: Why they left and what they will face if they are deported
Yellow: Deficiencies within the Austrian and EU asylum systems
Blue: Demands of Refugee Protest Vienna