The art a(u)ction

2012 Performance and action

An art a(u)ction organized by a group of artists, activists, students, workers, migrants with the purpose to collect money to fight austria racist laws and administrative regulations against those coming to study from countries outside of the european union.

In 2011 a change in migration laws demanded that people from third countries living in Austria had to proof they counted minimum with 8,000 euros in their bank accounts in the two months prior before they asked for the extension of their visa.
We organized the spectacle of the massive art a(u)ction, and addressed renowned artists to use their name and their privilege to denounce the persecution of migrants. In our performance we filled immigration papers one after another. Every time an artwork got sold, the bureaucratic machine activated allowing us to plant a collective stamp on the papers we were filling. As the collected amount rose we revealed the sentence: "If law becomes violence, resistance becomes an obligation". In the final speech of the spectacle we pointed to the absence of an institutionalized response by the academy and we questioned the role of art in the current political circumstances. The collected money went to set up a fund that dedicated to deal with these administrative measures.