Chapter 1

A manifesto written on one of the exhibition boxes at the academy of fine arts in vienna, as the start of a larger project about initiatives in arts and politics, and against the exclusionary dynamics in the art world that decides what art is and who can enter.

Chapter 1

Art has the obligation to be revolutionary.
Language is a powerful weapon that has the potential to transform reality. There is no art without political content. Creative intentions are nothing without political imagination.

Art has an influence in the political discourse and can be a political discourse on its own. It is a way of communication and it allows to express and take actions over individual and social concerns.

Artists who do not consider in a critical way the capability of the capitalist matrix to reproduce itself through art; can be swallowed entirely by it and their aims stolen and re-purposed.

Art is inbuilt in a structure of institutional roles and practices and has historically played a role in colonial oppression and the oppression of women through the establishing of degrees of value and worth to different cultures and aesthetics.
We reclaim the power to act and to oppose.

2011, in collaboration with Joanna Wilk