Admittance of all applicants*

Played as a recording in front of the Commission, Wien 2010

We are not willing to accept mechanisms of exclusion, we are not willing to bow to selection procedures, which decide on our future paths, we are not willing to live and work with pressure of performance and to support it with our active participation. Therefore we call for organizing ourselves. Let’s not wait any longer, but organize a change together and question the existing structures!

The low number of the accepted applicants shows already the elite position of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Out of the 700 portfolios handed in, only 152 people were selected. Now they are forced to prove themselves in a three day entrance examination. Due to these circumstances the applicants have to endure the enormous pressure of having to produce and present a profile of themselves. In the course of a 15 minute talk it is decided whether the walked path of life, the already produced work and the talent of the applicants fits the demands of the different classes. The handed-in portfolios together with the short talks only leave a vague impression about the applicants.

Furthermore people are expected to work, think and feel 'creatively' and produce art under the same circumstances. This implies that it is expected that over a hundred people have to function the same way under pressure and produce art within the course of three days. In this way it is ignored that work, including artistic work, can take all sorts of shapes. In this case, as it is in most cases, efficiency, competition and market mechanisms act rather as counterproductive and inhibiting factors.

We can already hear the same arguments that stabilize the system answering to the demands of fundamental rights (rights of residence, basic income, free access to education): No sufficient space, not enough money.

As far as the academy is concerned, traditional beliefs should be tackled and both artistic as well as creative work should be rethought and redefined.

Where many people come together, solutions for many problems are found. Let us establish common spaces and resources, which enable self-determined development for all of us.

During the educational protests movement in 2009/10 we realized that the unthinkable can be thought and apparent static structures can disappear. We have learned a lot and especially realized that we do not have to accept the current circumstances. Let us show our solidarity and demand all together the acceptance of all applicants not only for all the programs of fine arts, but all programs with limited access.

We accept everyone of the teaching and working staff and also the academy students to show solidarity, and enable the admittance of all applicants!

*Produced as artistic intervention and collective action while applying to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna together with Joanna Wilk and Willi Hejda who brought with them aside an urge for social justice, a gained knowledge from their active involvement in the student protests of 2009.  Placed as an open call, we were five applicants in total who took part in this action.