Digital drawings in variable dimensions, 2007-2008
a. Imprinted fantasies CMYK
b. The Talk
c. Ways of land scape

Vacations as a break from productivity, the isolation of one's body or mind from the capitalist production system. During episodes of recreation an individual retires from its "productive" role and becomes a consumer of time dedicated to relax. Regardless as its name anticipates one recreates the necessity for a planned time expenditure and the achievement of specific means towards fun. Individuals may end up engaging in acts of risk and consumption of foreign exoticism while recreating the hegemonic narrative of pleasure as been achievable only through consumerism.

A work that translates how I lived the year I arrived to Austria, working largely unpaid as a designer, and carrying the jargon of sociology studies. I had never traveled on vacations at home, nor did I know of anyone who stopped working to go on a trip, and thus the idea of vacations as how it was lived in Austria produced an impact on me. But beyond the text I produced, I see my self dealing with the desertion of all I knew, the loneliness, the different expectations in the ways of communication, the architectural language of modern desolate buildings of the city, and the absurdity of the migratory control system I was only starting to face.