Geographies of the Self / Roots in the Dark


Offering / Installation. Colored pencil drawings on paper, offering and sound. 2019.
1. Installation detail view. 
2. Embrace of the Amaru (Detail). 
3. Khipu: Tying Woven Strands To Remember Everything We’ve Ever Lived. 
4. Cosmovision Linked By The Identical Pace Of Our Livingness. 

In this work I evoke the cosmovisions and insights of my upbringing in Peru and the spiritual relationships and ancestral mythos that are present in my lived experience. I present my work as an offering to invoke spiritual forces of above and below. Gloria Anzaldúa writes that the universe is a web where we are in constant interaction with people, objects and environments that are tightly woven. Possessing shamanic faculties, the artist underlines the continuity between the material and the spiritual, and is able to re-vision the personal and the transpersonal in self-creation. Like an x-ray revealing an underlying reality, in the darkness I explore the self-consuming energies that are part of all processes of creation, and trace rivers of meaning to navigate the multidimensional perspectives of my biography.

Sound edition support: Georg Oberlechner
Installation support: Ahmad Abouchaar and Daria Kirillova
Thanks to Amaru Saya, Lukas Oberndorfer, Barbara Wilding, Georg Oberlechner, Daria Kirillova.