Hamidou Maiga and Martin Chambi

The work of Hamidou Maiga in Africa was exhibited at the MATE Museum making a parallel between and the rich tradition of itinerant photographers in Peru, such as Martín Chambi, the Vargas brothers, and Juan Manuel Figueroa Aznar—all of whom also captured their country’s changing traditions and peoples. And with it the aesthetic and visual language that comes from historical, modern, and contemporary photography, and from cultures of various origins and ways of seeing the world. Most of the images on view in the exhibition were taken between 1962 and 1973 at the famous studio Maiga opened in 1960, in Timbuktu. At a time of transition for Mali, which gained independence from France that same year.

36 black-and-white photographs by Hamidou Maiga are to go on display at the MATE Museum in Lima, Peru, opening July 7th.