Racism in Austria

Media outlets in Austria take to their front pages what they otherwise have repeatedly present in their pages: dehumanizing colonialist patriarchal racist representation of those which they deem as “others”. This custom is so constant that when they are called out, they have troubles seeing what is the problem with this. They see no contradiction in not having been previously engaged in other situations where sexual violence was an issue -physical, discursive, visual- and even less in its intersection with racism. It is not small the role of main media (like Falter Stadtzeitung) in reproducing damaging ideas; and as such they are responsible for the power they have in this. For the rest of us, this is a reminder to keep on questioning white supremacy everywhere, the closer to us the better. I.e. in the academia, the predominance of an imperialist white curricula says in its very existence that the others are not part of us and what they produce is not relevant, that they deserve no space in higher spheres, beyond those where a supposed individual meritocracy has triumphed. To fight hierarchies that we hate to see others producing we have to fight them in ourselves, and in our immediate spaces.

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