On Lets make America great again

I think they are a time for fear about how much worse things could get. They are a time for trying to minimize the damage that Americans do to each other and to the rest of the world.
I hate the rhetoric we have to listen to. Let’s make America great again. This is a line being used both by the candidate I fear the most (Trump) and the one I am supporting (O’Malley).

When exactly was America great?
When Native people were first being dispossessed of land and threatened with dispossession of culture and ultimately life?
When half the country said it would fight to the death to keep Black people in chains?
When the whole country looked the other way as Jim Crow replaced chattel slavery as the means for controlling and destroying Black bodies?
When Chinese people were being lied to and brought to the U.S. to effectively work as indentured servants? When Japanese people were being interned?
When white people violently opposed Black children sharing classrooms with white children?
When the U.S. was playing chess with the lives of everyone on the Korean peninsula, leading to a national bifurcation that continues to this day?
When the U.S. was playing chess with the lives of everyone in Vietnam and all over Latin America and all of the soldiers (including a member of my family) who were sent as pawns in the game? When exactly has America ever been great?
America never was America to non-white America.

- Chanda Hsu Prescod-Weinstein, "I Hate Presidential Elections"