White Western Philosophy as Philosophy

The Philosophy that was taught to me was limited to Anglo American / European Philosophy (AKA white philosophy). This made me feel excluded and alienated. For example Philosophy was presented as starting with the Greeks and the titles of the courses rendered whiteness invisible e.g. History of Philosophy [as opposed to History of White Western Philosophy].
Second, there was a real lack in the study of how Philosophy (and the various areas that make up the discipline) came into being even though a lot of the courses appeared consumed by the idea of being and becoming. An analysis of the socio-political contexts in which ideas emerge would have made it easier to understand.
Third, although the Department offered the chance to take courses outside Philosophy (AKA white philosophy), namely Indian Philosophy and Arabic Philosophy, the courses were undersubscribed at times and at another University (Kings College London) so more difficult to attend. In addition books were hard to access for these courses. — Diversity is a dirty word, Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman (Coleman crossed out), PhD Research Associate in the Philosophy of 'Race'

26. Juli 2015