Pope apologizes to the native peoples of the Americas

The Pope apologizes for the crimes and grave sins committed against the Native Peoples during the so-called conquest of America in the name of God. He doesn’t add if this also means the catholic church will return the massive amount of properties they took during these times and the times that followed and that remain their property (e.g. Cuzco square), if they will stop siding with extractive projects, stop having shares in mining companies (Lima Archbishop in the Buenaventura Mine), or when they will altogether stop being that source of manipulation in these communities when it comes to the rights of the non-heterosexuals within indigenous communities. 
In the pope's redwashing tour through Paraguay, Bolivia, and Ecuador, countries with strong indigenous movements and left oriented governments, Francis noted that Latin American church leaders in the past had acknowledged this. John Paul II, for his part, apologized to the continent's indigenous for the "pain and suffering" caused during the 500 years of the church's presence on the continent during a 1992 visit to the Dominican Republic.
A history of symbolic gestures without actual retributions or recognitions. Greed and Deception on what it means to live a wrong life, are crimes that remain unanswered by this institution.
Mean time that crucifix is a perfect depiction for a history of communism within the christian world, if we are to believe in the research that says Jesus was a zealot, a political and rebellious historical figure.