The darker side of the academy

The Darker Side of the Academy was an intervention during the Open doors 2011 of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, which had the goal to expose the exclusion mechanisms and discrimination against migrants in the Austrian educational system.

In 2011, third country students were required to proof they count minimum with 8,000 euros in their bank accounts. But the law only allowed these students to have a minimal income job, meaning they couldn't earn more than 3,840 euros per year. This left a gap of 4,160 euros. As a installation, we set up a studying desk with the voluminous information a third country student needs to recollect and wrote the necessary calculations on the table. In the wall hanged a welcome letter from the Academy of Fine Arts telling the student 'Hope you believe in magic' referring to the impossible gap to be autonomously covered and that therefore required a trust network of resources proper of privileged students.

2011   The darker side of the academy
Intervention, installation, workshop, tour
Work group The Darker Side of The Academy